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Residents of Macon-Bibb County will likely be paying more for trash pickup soon.

Commissioners approved a plan to allow solid waste to collect recycling, large yard waste and bulky trash.

Advanced Disposal System will now just get trash and small yard waste.

Anyone living in old Macon City Limits can expect their bill to go up by $5 per month. People living in the old unincorporated area of Bibb County can expect their bill to go up by $7.25 per month.

Not all commissioners agreed to approve this plan.

“I believe it’s been the intention of this administration all along was to get this contract at this work, and so that’s primarily my thing,” said Bibb County Commissioner Bert Bivens. “I believe in recycling. We tried it before and it didn’t work. What do we do with these employees if it doesn’t work this time?”

Solid Waste officials say no jobs will be cut as a result of the change.