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Solid Waste Department

picking up additional material free of charge

From November 4 – December 20, the Solid Waste Department will hold its first “Holiday Community Cleanup.” During this time, crews will collect materials from homes that would normally require a special charge, in addition to what they already collect. Collection will happen once for each area during this time, and all material must be placed on the curb by Sunday night. The IT Department worked with Solid Waste to create a map that allows people to enter their address and learn which week they can expect the additional collection.

Click here to access the map , and below is a list of what will and won’t be picked up.

“We wanted to help people prepare their homes for the holiday season and visitors by giving them a chance to get rid of debris, appliances, and material free of charge,” says Pat Raines, Solid Waste Department Director. “Get the approved material to the curb by Sunday night of your collection week, and our crews will get it picked up!”

“This is a great community outreach effort by our Solid Waste Department, as well as a way that we could cut down on illegal dumping this season,” says County Manager Dr. Keith Moffett. “Throughout the year, our departments often take on additional jobs and efforts as a way to better serve our neighborhoods, and I applaud their dedication and willingness to make events like this happen.”

Maps and schedules of the areas to be collected were also distributed to Neighborhood Watch Captains at their recent meeting, and the Watches are helping let people know of the Holiday Community Cleanup’s additional collections.

Beginning November 5, 2018, garbage, recycling, yard waste, and bulky waste collection will change in Macon-Bibb County. Advanced Disposal Services (ADS) will be responsible for garbage and recycling, while Macon-Bibb’s Solid Waste Department will be responsible for yard and bulky waste.

Click for an interactive map that will show you what day of the week
you receive pickup services.

Days will not change for garbage and recycling collection, but yard waste collection will move to four days per week on alternative weeks. A day will not be specified due to the uncertainty in how much needs to be collected each week. By designating the week yard waste is to be collected, Solid Waste can make sure a route has all of its yard waste collected before moving to the next.

“For yard and bulky waste, we want people to put the piles out on the Sunday night of their collection week, and our crews will pick it up that week,” adds Barkley. “This gives us the flexibility to make sure everything is picked up, as opposed to trying to get to the end of a route in a set amount of time.”

For information about individual services like recycling, yard waste pickup, neighborhood cleanups, illegal dumps, and more, use the selections above. The fee for all residents of Macon-Bibb County is $20 per month, and it is billed on a quarterly. Payments can be made through the Tax Commissioner’s Office.

Solid Waste Changes from MaconBibbTV on Vimeo.


Macon Bibb County & Advanced Disposal observes New Year, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas.  If a holiday falls during the week, your pick up will be pushed forward one day.  For example, during Labor Day Week, Monday routes are picked up on Tuesday.

Landfill Fees
A Macon-Bibb resident can receive one (1) free load to the landfill per month as long as the load is less than 500 pounds. Anything over 500 pounds will be charged at a prorated scale up $32.75 per ton. Any additional loads that month will be also be at a prorated scale up to $32.75 per ton, no exceptions. Note: You must have a city address on your drivers license to receive the free load under 500 pounds.