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Some Macon-Bibb County residents will soon have new containers to place trash and recyclables into.

The distribution of new garbage cans and recycling bins to Macon-Bibb households will begin in the next several weeks. On Monday, Macon-Bibb employees unloaded the latest batch of receptacles that will first be given out in neighborhood clusters to people who requested them through Customer Service and ‘See Click Fix’, the online feature that allows people to report issues to Macon-Bibb departments.

The county spent about $303.000 on about 1,700 recycling bins and 5,000 trash cans. The new containers will help out Macon-Bibb employees as they make their rounds to pick up waste.

“We’re just as excited as the residents are to get them,” Solid Waste Director Kevin Barkley said. “It makes our job easier when we can wheel or carry them right into the truck and spill it right in.”

The county now has a surplus of garbage cans, although Barkley said he expects the leftover supply to go quickly. There also will be efforts to repair or salvage some of the pieces of the older cans.

“Most have broken lids or the container might be split so we’re trying to salvage any good parts we have and repurpose them,”  Barkley said.

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