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A “vicious cycle” that led to seemingly endless piles of yard debris in Macon-Bibb County is coming to an end, a Macon-Bibb County official said.

Some county leaders say a new garbage and recycling agreement that kicks off in early January will lead to yard waste being collected more frequently as well as expand recycling efforts. The agreement, approved by commissioners Tuesday, means Advanced Disposal Services will take over collecting residential garbage for the entire county. Meanwhile, crews from the Macon-Bibb Solid Waste Department will handle large amounts of yard waste and the recycling effort that will be offered to every county residence.

The change is part of a solid waste plan to eliminate issues such as yard debris piles remaining near the street for a month or more, Solid Waste Director Kevin Barkley said.

On a weekly basis, Advanced Disposal will pick up smaller amounts of yard waste such as grass clippings. Meanwhile, the county also will collect larger piles of yard debris such as limbs on a weekly basis.

“(Piles of yard debris) never got caught up. It was that vicious cycle — that pile got bigger and bigger,” Barkley said. “We’re trying to keep these neighborhoods clean and provide a better level of service on a more frequent basis.” The new contract includes a cost increase: from $15 to $20 per month for residents whose garbage is now collected by Macon-Bibb County employees, and from $12.75 to $20 per month for those whose trash currently is picked up by Advanced Disposal. That price increase, along with having Macon-Bibb workers no longer picking up household garbage, drew criticism from some officials.