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Inert Landfill, one of the landfills in Macon-Bibb County, will soon close.

Currently, the landfill is used for yard waste, concrete and bricks.

The Environmental Protection Division denied the permit for the Inert Landfill since Macon-Bibb did not meet the requirements for the flood plains or the ground water elevation.

The EPD is requiring the closure of the landfill within six months.

That area is within the 100 year flood plain of the Ocmulgee River Basin.

The cost to close the landfill will be $1.2 million.

“The cost of the closure of the landfill cost so much because of lack of soil, there’s no soil in that area that we would have enough to cap that off, so we are going to have to truck it in and get rid of that material,” said director of Macon-Bibb County Solid Waste Kevin Barkley.